Membership Opportunities at Olympia Fields Country Club

A membership at Olympia Fields gives you and your guests access to the top country club amenities in the Chicago-area.

Click on each of the headings below for details about all of the benefits that await you at Olympia Fields Country Club.

  • Regular Golfing Membership
    • Full privileges & voting rights for individuals. Spouses & children under 23 have privileges. 

  • Regular Membership with Corporate Sponsorship
    • All privileges are the same as for Regular Membership but membership may be transferred to another qualified person at request of sponsoring corporation. One time initiation fee with transfer fee for future nominee who meets candidate requirements.

  • Senior Associate Membership
    • Reduced initiation fee with annual dues & other amenities of Regular Membership. Minimum age requirement is 63.

  • Regional Membership
    • A person that also belongs to another country club that includes golf (the "qualifying club") within 75 miles of OFCC. At the time of initiation, the qualifying club must have a posted initiation fee equal to at least the Regular Member initiation fee.

  • National Membership
    • A National Member must reside between 75 and 249 miles from Olympia Fields Country Club.  A National II member must reside at least 250 miles from OFCC. Enjoy 24 rounds of golf per season, low up front initiation fee, low monthly dues, no minimum house, full use of entire facility.

      Click Here to view our National Membership Brochure

  • Associate Membership
    • For those between age 22 and 39. Low upfront initiation fee. Dues based on age and dues credit given toward Regular Member initiation fee at age 40.

  • Social Membership
    • Includes most privileges of club. Can golf up to 5 times (with appropriate fee). Children of Social Members can participate in Jr. Golf, Swimming and Tennis programs.

  • International Membership
    • Primary residence and business must be outside North America. 

For additional information or to schedule a private tour, please contact our
Director of Membership, Josh Miskowiec 
(708) 679-6778 or


Olympia Fields Country Club is, and has been since its founding, a private club. Membership is by invitation only. Access to Olympia's golf courses, clubhouse, tennis courts, aquatic center & all other facilities are restricted to members & their guests.