Olympia Fields Golf Practice Facilities

To help perfect your game, our golfing facilities include a driving range, a newly added short game area and 3 putting greens.

  • Driving Range
    • Members love spending time on the 20 acre range trying to perfect their game. While Olympia Fields has always had a driving range, significant investment has been made in recent years to build teeing areas on both sides of the range, putting in top grade astroturf that can be used on wet, rainy days, and the creation of 7 target greens which allows you to truly work on all clubs. The range is staffed by members of the Golf Department to ensure balls are stocked, ice cold water is available, and any other needs are met.

  • Short Game Area
    • This area is the most recent addition to our property which is going to be a huge hit for those trying to perfect their short game. This 4 acre space contains 3 target greens which accept chips from 80 yards and in. It is also a perfect place to master your sand game as there will be ample types of lies, lengths of shots, and approach difficulty.

      Olympia Fields short game area

  • Practice Greens
    • 3 putting greens are placed near our North and South 1st tee boxes which stand for a great place to warm up for your round or to spend hours honing the perfect putting stroke. These greens are always kept in excellent condition and provide multiple types of slopes, breaks, distances and speeds from which to practice.

Olympia Fields Country Club is, and has been since its founding, a private club. Membership is by invitation only. Access to Olympia's golf courses, clubhouse, tennis courts, aquatic center & all other facilities are restricted to members & their guests.